ASHA would be an honorary volunteer and would not receive any salary. Her work would be so tailored that it does not interfere with her normal livelihood. However ASHA could be compensated for her time in the following situations:

  • For the duration of her training, and for attending monthly/bi-monthly meetings both in terms of TA and DA. (so that her loss of livelihood for those days is partly compensated) The necessary payment has to be made at the venue of the training/meeting when ASHAs come for regular training sessions and meetings
  • Wherever compensation has been provided for under different national programmes for undertaking specific health or other social sector programmes with measurable outputs, such tasks should be assigned to ASHAs on priority (i.e. before it is offered to other village volunteers) wherever they are in position.

  • For this, the disbursement of compensation to ASHAs is made as per the specific payment mechanism built into individual programme. Other than the above specific programmes, a number of key health related activities and service outcomes are aimed within a village (For example all eligible children immunized, all newborns weighed, all pregnant women attended an antenatal clinic etc). The Untied Fund of Rs.10, 000/- at the Sub-centre level (to be jointly operated by the ANM and the Pradhan) could be used as monetary compensation to ASHA for achieving these key processes. The exact package of processes that form the package would be determined at the state level depending on the supply-side constraints and what is feasible to achieve within the specified time period.

Sl Items of Incentives Incentive during 2013-14 per case (in Rs) Additional 33.33% Incentive from State scheme per case (In Rs.) in 2013 - 14
1 Organizing VHND 200 66.66
2 Early registration for ANC through MCP card 50 16.6
3 JSY-Institutional delivery( for 4 ANC in rural areas) 300 99.99
4 JSY-Institutional for accompanying delivery 300 99.99
5 JSY-Institutional delivery (for 4 ANC in Urban areas) 200 66.66
6 JSY-Institutional delivery for accompanying delivery 200 66.66
7 Mobilization of beneficiaries during immunization session (per session) 150 per session 49.5 per session
8 Full Immunization 100 33.0
9 Tubectomy 150 49.5
10 Vasectomy 200 66.0
11 IUD 50 16.6
12 New Born Home Visit (after 6 visit in case of ID and 7 visit for HD) 250 82.5
13 Attending ASHA Varosha Divas once in every month at PHC / CHC/ SDH 100 33.0
14 Incentives to ASHA for Death Reporting 50 16.5
15 Incentives for spacing of birth (2 years) after marriage 500 165.0
16 Incentives for spacing of birth (3 years) after 1st child 500 165.0
17 ASHA Incentives under RNTCP 250 82.5