National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)

Overall Objective:
Leprosy is a bactarial disease caused by a germ named as “Mycobacterium Leprae”. It affects mainly the skin & peripheral nerves of the human body. Man is the definite host of the germ “Mycobacterium Leprae”. 80% (eighty) of the disease is non-infections and 20% (twenty) is infactious in Nature.

Incubation period:
5 to 7 years.
Incubation period (longest) - may be even 40 years long.
Classification: On the basis of skin patch or patches & the involvement of the no. of peripheral nerves, the leprosy is classified in two groups e,g.
  • Paucibacillary type (non infectious type)
  • Multibasillary type (infectious type)
Age group
Disease can occurred at any age group rarely in between 1(one) to 5 (five) years
Sex ratio: Male : Female
2 : 1
Status report of the disease:
At one time during 1983-84,whole state of Tripura was declared as Moderately Endemic state because we could detect leprosy cases 10(ten) or more cases amongst 10,000 population. P.R was about to 18 per 10,000 population. At that time onwards Multi drug therapy (MDT) was launched in the state. Soon it started falling in P.R. by which it stands below 1 per 10,000 population in the year 2000-2001. As such, G.O.I. presented the Govt. of Tripura, a special prize worth Rupees. 10, 00,000 (ten lakhs) & a letter of appreciation for such noble work. Now at present Prevalence rate stands for 0.26 per 10000 population during the year 2011-12. The present Scenario of Leprosy is as under as on Year 2020-21: For the month of June 2020
Name of the dist. of the Tripura Population Under Treatment Patient P.R/ 10,000/- Population
West District 995307 09 0.08
Sepahijala District 524305 04 0.07
Khowai District 355070 03 0.09
Gomati District 466925 07 0.15
South  district 478616 10 0.21
Dhalai District 409991 14 0.31
Unakoti District 452498 0 0
North Tripura District 299727 22 0.47
State of Tripura 3982439 69 0.16
  • Impact: on health is mainly brought out by our vigorous I.E.C/B.C.C programme
    • Distribution of Leprosy books.(Pictorial)
    • Diagram shown as leprosy patients
    • Constant discussion amongst different public/Gaon Sabhas
    • Seminars/Health Melas
    • Banners written about the leprosy facts etc
    • Advertisement of leprosy facts in papers (local) leading papers of Tripura
    • Radio talk
    • Discussion in Television set

Now a days leprosy patients are encouraged to report to general health care facilities to reduce the stigma and discrimination and to get boarder area coverage with greater manpower.


Sl Name Designation Place of Posting
1 Sri Satyendra Kumar Baidya Administrative Assistant National Leprosy Eradication Programme , NRHM
Directorate of Family Welfare & P.M.
Government of Tripura
Gurkhabasti, Agartala
0381-231-1297 (o)9436513417 (M)
2 Sri Pinku Debnath Driver National Leprosy Eradication Programme, NRHM
Directorate of Family Welfare & P.M.
Government of Tripura
Gurkhabasti, Agartala
0381-231-1297 (o)9862137889 (M)