Overall Objective:
Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) is the central nodal agency for the prevention and control of vector borne diseases i.e. Malaria, Dengue, Lymphatic Filariasis, Kala-azar, Japanese Encephalitis and Chikungunya in India. It is one of the technical department of Directorate General of Health Services, Government of India.

1. Status of the Programme:
The revised pattern of Central Assistance to State / UTs approved for the 11th Five year plan are indicated below.:
  • The Programme Malaria is an integral component of NRHM and is implemented under the overall umbrella of NRHM. The programme monitored at the national level through the mechanisms established under NRHM.
  • Directorate of NVBDCP is the nodal agency for policy recommendation and issuance of technical guidelines, whereas the State Government’s health institutions are the primary implementing agencies.
  • Assistance by GOI whether cash or commodity or otherwise based on the approved PIP of the state Governments, commonly known as Record of Proceedings (ROP) of the National Programme Coordination Committee (NPCC).
1.1 Strategies
The following strategies were intensified during XI five year plan (2007-2012) for prevention and control of different vector borne diseases
  • Focused interventions in high malaria endemic areas
  • Linkage with National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and use of NRHM institutions for prevention and control of VBDs (especially involvement of VHSCs for IRS).
  • Early diagnosis and treatment by
    • Strengthening of human resources for surveillance and laboratory support.
    • Introduction and scale up of Rapid Diagnostic Kit (RDK).
    • Introduction and scale up of Artemisinin- based combination Therapy (ACT) for Pf cases.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping for focused intervention in high risk prioritized districts.
  • Up scaling use of bed nets, preferably Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs).
  • Intensive monitoring & supervision.
  • Intensified Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and Behavior Change communication (BCC) activities involving community.
Present Scenario of the Programme.:
  • Recruitment : To strengthen the Malaria Programme, the Govt. of India sanctioned contractual staff for better supervision and monitoring are :-
Name of Category Sanction Post (Nos) In Position (Nos)
1 State Public Health Consultant (VBD) 01 00

Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

01 00

District Vector Borne Disease (Malaria) Project Officer /VBD Consultant

08 05
4 Medical Officer for Sentinel Sites at District Level 02 00
5 Procurement and Supply Chain Management Consultant. 01 01
6 BCC/PPP Consultant 01 01
7 Finance & Accounts Consultant 01 01
8 Statistical Assistant (State Level) 01 01
9 Secretarial Assistant (District Level) 08 07
10 Secretarial Assistant(State Level) 02 01
11 Lab.Technician 10 07
12 Malaria Technical Supervisor 25 21
  • Training: At district level, different training programmes of various technical malaria staff such as Assistant Malaria Officer (AMO), MPW Supervisor, MPW (Male & Female) and also Community Volunteers including ASHA are being conducted from time to time under the supervision of ‘District Health & Family Welfare Society’.
  • Implementation of NAMMIS in the State: The Directorate of NVBDCP, GOI, Delhi has engaged M/s TATA Consultancy (TCS) for making functional web-based National Anti Malaria Management Information System (NAMMIS) all over the Country. As per guideline, NAMMIS will be operational at district level very shortly.
  • Activities of ASHA: In eight districts 7367 nos. of trained ASHAs are performing effective role in control of malaria in remote areas. According to their jobs they are also getting necessary incentive as provided by the GOI, to the State.
Allotted quantity of LLINs to the districts given below:





West Khowai Sepahijala Gomati Dhalai Unakoti North South
2015-16 1006380 289920 42720 48080 118560 141080 56360 99440 209920 Received from GOI
2018-19 180400 - - - - 180400 - - - Received from GOI
2019-20 550419 - 65000 - 108907 - - 165083 211429 Received from GOI

EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SITUATION REPORT (w.e.f 2012 up-to September, 2020 )

Year BSE Positive Cases Pf Cases Pf % SPR SFR ABER API Malaria Deaths
2012 268189 11565 10915 94.4% 4.3% 4.11% 7.1% 3.1 7
2013 257760 7396 6998 94.6% 2.9% 2.7% 6.8% 1.9 7
2014 606791 51240 49653 96.9% 8.4% 8.2% 15.7% 13.3 96
2015 453298 32525 30074 92.5% 7.2% 6.6% 11.7% 8.4% 21
2016 351392 10546 9545 90.5% 3.00% 2.7% 8.9% 2.7% 14
2017 371678 7049 6578 93.31% 0.43% 0.39% 10.07% 1.77% 06
2018 471831 13079 12600 96.33% 0.80% 0.75%


2019 601043 12437 11636 93.56% 0.39% 0.36%


September,2020 26144 201 183 91.04% 0.06% 0.05% - -


Implementation of DDT spray programme for the year 2011-2020.
State Year Round Room Covered
Tripura 2010 1st Round 64%
2nd 67%
2011 1st Round 68%
2nd 57%
2012 1st Round 73%
2nd 65%
2013 1st Round 75%
2nd 67%
2014 1st Round 74%
2nd Round 65%
2015 1st Round 66%
2nd Round 63%
2016 1st Round 63%
2nd Round 64%
2017 1st Round 68.42%
2nd Round 69.60%
2018 1st Round


2nd Round
Tripura 2019 1st Round


2nd Round
2020 1st Round


2nd Round
   DDT stock position as on 30/09/2020 is 176 bags (each bag contains 25 kg)


Impact on Health.

  • Monitoring & Supervision: In comparison to 1998-99, monitoring & supervision for the programme has been increased. DMOs, SDMOs & MOICs are also monitoring & supervising the programme implementation. Moreover Medical Officers (AYUSH) have been involved for monitoring & supervision of respective institutions.
  • Early Diagnostic & Prompt Treatment (EDPT): In the year 1998-99 there was no scope for EDPT, but recently there is a scope for EDPT using Rapid Diagnostic Kits (RDK), which are already supplied at periphery level among ASHAs, MPWs, MPSs.
  • Declaration of Sentinel Surveillance Hospital (SSH): The Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, 22-Sham Nath Marg, Government of India, Delhi has declared the Manu CHC, Dhalai District and Santirbazer PHC, South Tripura district as Sentinel Surveillance Hospital (SSH) in the State of Tripura.
  • Implementation of Intensified Malaria Control Project (IMCP), Phase – II,Round-9.
    • The Global Fund has approved the IMCP Phase – II Round-9 in seven North Eastern states including Tripura for 05 (Five) years (2010-2015) with effect from Oct, 2010 to September, 2015. This is a new project which is a continuation of IMCP Round 4 Project which ended on 30.06.2010.
    • The new project has come into force in the state of Tripura after signing of letter of under taking by the Health & Family Welfare Department, on behalf of the Government of Tripura.
  • The GOI has approved the appointment of additional contractual man power (technical & non-technical) under the IMCP Phase – II Round-9 for Malaria Control to enhance the operational capacity and project management at state & district levels. Recruitment of additional contractual manpower have been taken up under the new project and present position is given below –
Name Designation Place of Posting
Sri Ajit Sarma DVBPO/VBD Consultant O/o the CMO (West & Sepahijala)
Sri Ratnabir Singha DVBPO/VBD Consultant O/o the CMO(Gomati)
Sri Shubrajit Kar DVBPO/VBD Consultant O/o the CMO(North)
Sri Dinesh Debbarma DVBPO/VBD Consultant O/o the CMO(Dhalai)
Sri Tapas Chandra Paul DVBPO/VBD Consultant O/o the CMO(South)
Sri Sambit Deb PSCM Consultant NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala
Sri Mrinmoy Paul Finance & Accounts Consultant NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala
Sri Joydeep Datta BCC/PPP Consultant NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala
Sri Kunal De Secretarial Assistant NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala
Sri Dipayan Saha Statistical cum Accounts Asst. NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala. Joined on 27.03.2017
Sri Antony Tripura Secretarial Assistant cum DEO  NVBDCP section, Dte. Of FW & PM,Agartala. Joined on 27.03.2017
Sri Pintu Dey Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(West)
Sri Subrata Biswas Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(Gomati)
Sri Jhutan Sarker Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(Unakuti)
Sri Tamas Debbarma Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(Dhalai)
Ms. Shrabani Kar Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(Sepahijala)
Mr. Rin Wama Kuki Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o theCMO(North)
Smt. Joweli Debbarma Secretarial Assistant cum DEO O/o the CMO(Khowai)
Sri Mantu Debbarma Malaria Technical Supervisor Mandai PHC, West
Smt. Bina Debnath Malaria Technical Supervisor Ananda Nagar PHC, West
Sri Prasanta Bhattacharjee Malaria Technical Supervisor Katlamara, West
Sri Biplab Das Malaria Technical Supervisor Mandai PHC, West
Sri Dip Datta Chowdhury Malaria Technical Supervisor Gandachara SDH, Dhalai Dist
Sri Sushanta Shil Malaria Technical Supervisor Ambassa PHC, Dhalai Dist.
Sri Pranab Das Malaria Technical Supervisor Kamalpur SDH, Dhalai Dist.
Sri Abinash Tripura Malaria Technical Supervisor LTV SDH, Dhalai Dist
Sri Sushanta Majumder Malaria Technical Supervisor Sonamura SDH, SPJ Dist.
Sri Bani Ram Reang Malaria Technical Supervisor Ramkumar Nariaha CHC, Karbook
Sri Sujit Kr. Saha Malaria Technical Supervisor O/o the CMO, Gomati, Udaipur
Sri Bidhyut Das Malaria Technical Supervisor Amarpur SDH, Gomati
Sri Bijoy Chakraborty Malaria Technical Supervisor

O/o the CMO(S), Belonia
Sri Himadri Chowdhury Malaria Technical Supervisor Santirbazer PHC,South
Sri Biswajit Raj Malaria Technical Supervisor Sabroom SDH,South
Sri Ajit Debnath Malaria Technical Supervisor Kanika Memorial PHC,Unakuti
Sri Junan Chakma Malaria Technical Supervisor Pacherthal PHC,Unakuti
Sri Goutam Biswas Malaria Technical Supervisor Kumarghat R/H,Unakuti
Sri Bikash Datta Malaria Technical Supervisor SDMO, Khowai
Sri Nirmal Debbarma Malaria Technical Supervisor Teliamura R/H,Khowai Dist.
Gourab Esh Malaria Technical Supervisor O/o the CMO North
Apu Debbarma Malaria Technical Supervisor

Kanchanpur SDH, North Tripura
Sri Abhijit Das Lab . Technician Taibandal PHC, Sipahijala Dist.
Smt. Tushipan Choudhary Lab . Technician Baijalbari PHC, Khowai Dist.
Smt. Basuli Baidya Lab . Technician Belonia Hospital, South Dist.
Smt. Parvin Akter Lab . Technician Borakha PHC, West Dist.
Sri Kollol Ghosh Lab . Technician Kullai Dist Hospital, Dhalai
Sri Nabendu Chakraborty Lab. Technician Irani PHC, Kailashahar
Smt. Sumita Reang Lab . Technician Chelagang PHC, Gomati Dist
Sumen Dey Lab. Technician Laljuri PHC, North Tripura