Revised National TB Control Programme (up to June-2016) :


For better supervision and monitoring of programme below the district there is sub district unit. As per norm 2.5 lakhs population one sub district unit & inaccessible tribal area 1.25 lakhs population. One Sub-district unit will have one Medical officer (TB Control), one Senior Treatment Supervisor and one senior Tuberculosis Lab. Supervisor.

Presently state has 17 (Seventeen) Sub-District TB Unit.

  • TB (Tuberculosis) Unit-
  • West District- 03.

  • South District- 02.

  • North District -03.

  • Dhalai District-02.
  • Shipahijala District- 02
  • Gomati District -02

  • Unakoti District -02

  • Khowai District -01.

Total number of MOTC present- 11 (Eleven) one for each TB Unit all are trained (State Govt. Staff). Total of Senior Treatment Supervisor (Contractual) - 16 (Sixteen) all are trained . One for each TU. Nos. of Senior Tuberculosis Laboratory Supervisor- 09 (Nine) all are contractual (Trained).
Total nos of DMCs District wise(57nos.)
  • West District- 10.
  • South District- 08.
  • Dhalai District-09.
  • Khowai-03
  • Shipahijala-08
  • Unakoti-05
  • North Dist-05
  • Gomati -09

List of DCMS under RNTCP
  • Lab. Tech from RNTCP -11 indifferent district and 03(Three) TB-HV staffs are Posted at AMC area & 2(Two) under Medical colleges also from RNTCP.
  • Above Designated Microscopy Centre (DMC) there are also Directly Observed Treatment (DOT) centre where patients swallow Medicines in presence of Multipurpose workers/ASHA.
  • All sub centers are DOT centre in addition some places are utilized as dot centers as per convenience of patients & community volunteers. Total DOT centre are more than 998 nos.



Physical Achievement.


1st & 2nd Qtr,2016



Sputum Examine for Diagnosis /L/ Year (720/L/yr.) 26640yearly 10,855(half yearly)
New Smear Positive (NSP) case detection rate 75/L/yr 47 / L/yr
Total Case Detection Rate 203/L/yr 79/L/yr
New Smear Positive (NSP) Success Rate 90% 87.39%

DR-TB Centre-
Treatment for Drug resistance TB cases has been extended throughout the DR-TB Centre established at Agartala Govt Medical College at State level in the year 2011-12.
DR-TB activities-
i) DR-TB Center Committee for AGMC & GBP Hospital, Agartala DOT Plus already formed by the authority.
ii) Treatment for Drug Resistant TB Cases has been initiated in the State in 4th Qtr of 2011
DR-TB center (HR)-
01) Sr.MO – Dr.Sajal Kanti Deb
02) Statistical Assistant – Mr.Rupak Das
Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT) Activities
CB-NAAT Machines (Latest Molecular technology to detect TB / MDR-TB) installed (6nos.) under RNTCP at -

  1. DTC, Dhalai
  2. Dharmanagar Hospital (North Dist.)
  3. Santirbazar Dist. Hospital (South District)
  4. DTC, Gomati Dist.
  5. AGMC & GBP Hospital
  6. Tripura Medical College.

The Microbiology department of Agartala Govt Medical College has been identified by Govt of India as a Culture and DST Laboratory which will cater to diagnostic and follow-up needs of Drug Resistant TB patients of the state.

TB-HIV Collaborative Activities
i) Total number of registered TB PATIENTS IN 1ST & 2ND Q 2016 – 1239 nos.
ii) Out of all registered TB patients number known to be tested for HIV - 832 nos. Out of tested patients nos. known to be HIV positive – 10 nos.

RNTCP IEC Activity

Community Meeting

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